Physics 106 - Spring 2015

Welcome to Physics 106!


Homework #9 is available!



Let us take this opportunity to welcome you to Physics 106 and give you an idea of what you can expect from this course. This is primarily a Lab based course where you will be doing experiments designed to enhance your understanding of Mechanics concepts.

The course has two parts: Discussion section, in which your Disc TA will be assisting you in doing Group Problems and there will be a short quiz at the end based on those Group Problems. The purpose of these Discussion sections is to help prepare you for the labs. Every week, you will also need to do a short homework, which is directly based on the Lab workbook, and you will be handing in these to your Disc TA at the beginning of class. The Lab section will be after you have Discussion. In the lab, you will be doing the experiments in pairs, and your Lab TA is going to help you out.

The homework will be posted each week in this course website. And to do them you will need to study the lab workbooks, which can be found at the Lab website . Have a great semester!

Best wishes,

Thomas Mlynarski and Peihong Man

Physics 106 coordinators

Jan 11,2015

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