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Summer Workshop 2006

QuarkNet Workshop Summer 2006

July 26, 2006 - Aug 3, 2006

Teachers and students built a few detectors but main focus was the Dense Array - a collection of 20 counters (5 DAQ/PC setups) in SEL. Counters were assembled, calibrated and data taken simultaneously with all systems. Twenty students participated. The event display shows the directions of 16 simultaneously detected muons based on precise timing among the cosmic ray counters.

Dense event display

Sixteen muons in one air shower event

QuarkNet 2006 blackboard

Field trip to the Adler Planetarium

After our Adler tour, students carried out simultaneous multi-site cosmic ray shower analyses on computers at Adler, using the e-Lab web tools at Fermi, on data uploaded from UIC QuarkNet sites. We also investigated problems with the GPS receiveer on the roof of the planetarium and took in a sky show.

QuarkNet 2006 Adler QuarkNet 2006 Alder