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Summer Workshop 2014

QuarkNet Group 2014

July 21, 2011 - July 25, 2014

Edmundo Garcia hosted our summer workshop at Chicago State University. Teachers and students will work on analysis of CMS dimuon data using e-Lab and learn to use a new Labview DAQ interface. Nine high school teachers and thirteen students participated. We also visited Fermilab for a tour of the D0 experiment and accelerator complex. All students presented their results in talks to the whole group to close the workshop.

QuarkNet Students 2014

All students measured the speed of muons to within 20% the speed of light. Additional experiments using cosmic ray counters included: muon rates versus counter separation distance; speed with and without building overburden; rates versus zenith angle; and rates versus counter orientation.

  • muon speed combining all students' results
  • Naperville and Proviso report on Distance between Detectors
  • Golder report on Spearation between Detectors
  • GBS report on muon speed
  • Proviso report on orientation dependence of CR
  • GBS report on muon angular distribution

  • CLASA Site Map - active sites
  • Chicagoland Jewish HS
  • Glenbrook South HS
  • Glenbrook North HS
  • Golder College Prep
  • Gwendolyn Brook College Prep
  • Naperville Central HS
  • Proviso West HS
  • Thornton Township HS
  • Walter Payton College Prep
  • Fermi High Rise
  • Fermi Lab 6
  • UIC VLL array
  • Adler Planetarium